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Everything You Need to Know about Chargebacks

How they work, how they’re relevant, how they’re processed, and how we can assist you obtain yours.

A chargeback is, in the simplest possible terms, the retroactive cancellation and refund of a charge made on your credit card. A request for a chargeback can be made to the bank named on the card itself, based on one of two conditions:

  • You did not authorize the transaction, or
  • The transaction was made for goods or services that were not delivered as contracted

If you didn’t authorize a particular purchase, then you’re in luck according to your bank. If your credit card was stolen or the signature on a receipt was forged, its use constitutes fraud. In such a case, you are automatically exempted from payment under the terms of the agreement you signed with the credit card company. Your request for a chargeback will very likely be approved and your credit card account will be credited the full amount of the transaction.

What about Goods and Services?

If you purchased merchandise that was defective when it arrived, or if it wasn’t delivered at all, that’s relatively easy for your bank to understand and process correctly.

But obtaining a chargeback for services that were not delivered as contracted is a challenge. In fact, it’s daunting to prove, because you really did authorize the payment and received something – just the wrong something.

  • Especially if you fall victim to a scam
  • Especially an online scam whose perpetrators are here today and gone tomorrow
  • Especially when the scam involves binary options, forex or other contracts for difference (CFDs)
  • Especially in online scam investments involving fake real estate deals and offerings

Fraudulent binary options and fraudulent CFD trading victimizes you because these scams employ platforms that do not adhere to any obligatory trading rules and procedures.

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